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Sometimes, when a tragedy hits your family, you can turn around and create beautiful things with it. That is what my mother and I did.

In 2021, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, after 7 months of battling he passed away. This left my mom with 2 of my brothers living in a house that she no longer could stand to be in without my dad. Fast forward a few months to combining my family (husband and 2 teenage daughters), my mom and 2 of my brothers in a beautiful property where we could heal and be there for each other.

We had finally settled into a new routine, tragedy hit again, my youngest brother suddenly passed away 2 days after he had moved in. This hit our family hard, and we struggled to bring back some normalcy to our lives.

A wonderful opportunity shined on the horizon in the form of gnomes (yes, gnomes). My mother and I had the option to take over an established gnome creation business, and we jumped on it. How else do you honour your brother’s passing than with gnomes (he hated gnomes, hated them so much, but his sense of humour would appreciate the fact that his bedroom now is the gnome storage room).

My mother and I handcraft these amazing, unique gnomes. We started in March 2023, and have made well over 400 gnomes. We love going to the Hespeler Village Market and other local vendor and pop-up shows. Meeting people and having conversations with them is the best part of this labour of love. When children walk by and smile when they see the gnomes is fantastic, and when people ask to take pictures so they can show them to their friends or family, there is no better feeling. We have a great time working on custom orders with clients and strive to make the perfect gift or addition to their home.

We have been expanding our inventory to include rear view mirror gnomes and hand painted signs. We have slowing been branching out our business and are in an artisan store in Walkerton and come September 2023 will be in another artisan store in Cambridge.

We can be reached through email at, or you can check out our Facebook page We love working on custom orders and cannot wait to work with you.

Hookedcreations – Jen Gaetan and Debbie Duffield

Entrepreneur Stories – Cambridge Local News

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