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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (What is it? How does it affect your everyday life?)
with speaker Colleen Smith
Join us Tuesday, May 9th!
4 BC/ 5 Mountain/ 6 Central/ 7 Eastern/ 8 Atlantic

We are all just one big blog of emotions – all the time … every day of our life. Understanding our emotions and managing our subsequent behaviors directly impacts our quality of life.

So why then do we not teach Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in schools or business, or even as a basic exercise in any self-improvement or leadership course? Books and headlines have been touting the value of EQ for more than 20 years, so why hasn’t EQ mainstreamed? In this session, we will unpack the basics of EQ and learn why emotional awareness and management is our most important life skill.

Our speaker, Colleen Smith is an experienced business who has worked in leadership roles in TV and Radio, Arts and Culture, Agriculture, and Human Resources. Colleen has extensive training and experience using many different tools for understanding and building emotional intelligence. On her radio show, running more than 20 years on CKWR, she explored the many angles of EQ. In her community, Colleen was a long-time member and past President of BPW Cambridge. In recognition of her community leadership and service for women’s programs, in 2000, she received the Millennial YWCA Woman of Distinction award in the category of “Women Helping Women.” Colleen is now semi-retired, working to progress her personal passions of dancing, tai chi, gardening, yoga, hiking and culinary arts … and Emotional Intelligence in everyday life.

This event is free to BPW Canada Online Club Members/Ambassadors. Members of the public are welcome for only $10! Register here for only $10 –

Join us Tuesday, May 9th! 4 BC/ 5 Mountain/ 6 Central/ 7 Eastern/ 8 Atlantic at the ZOOM link:

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