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Ways to Wellbeing

Nestled into the quiet neighborhood of Little’s Corners, Ways to Wellbeing therapy provides services to many individuals across Ontario. Our small team includes interns training to become fully licensed psychotherapists and new therapists gaining specialized skills to become trauma specialists. Under the direct supervision of Angela Vandommele, registered psychotherapist, they get the chance to support many members of our community through some of the toughest times of their lives.

As a mental health system survivor, Angela gained a thorough understanding of what it’s like to experience trauma and how therapy and truly pouring your heart and soul into healing can change your life. Her journey inspired her to obtain three degrees including a masters of counselling psychology, and to invest in EMDR training and certification as well as specialized training in trauma and dissociation.

When the pandemic began, Angela realized the dire need to reach out further to help people understand and heal from traumatic stress. In an effort to create the largest positive impact possible, Angela began speaking to healthcare professionals, first responders and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, those who have dedicated their lives to saving, serving, healing and protecting others. During her North America wide zoom filming and her year of across Ontario road trips, Angela had the privilege of hearing first hand how work related trauma impacts people’s lives and what it takes for people to heal. 

A work in progress, she continues to edit the documentary and work with her team to create the final video. With high hopes of having the project completed by the end of 2024, she hopes to also launch her Healing Trauma Academy so that people can take essential steps towards healing better before they’re able to see a therapist. As only one person, running one small center, Angela is fully aware she can’t personally help everyone but knows that watching the documentary, and taking the online course, will be huge steps for people in accessing quality care and support.

Angela Vandommele, Director of Ways to Wellbeing, Creator of the Healing Trauma Documentary Registered Psychotherapist, MA CPsy, BA CYC, CYW

Facebook: Ways to Wellbeing and Ways to Wellbeing Therapy

Instagram: @WaysToWellbeingTherapy and @HealingTraumaDocumentary

I wish you well on your healing journey!

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