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HiWay Flowers: A Blossoming Legacy of 50 Years in the Community

Originally nestled inside the iconic HiWay Market, HiWay Flowers has grown from its humble beginnings to become an enduring pillar of the community for nearly five decades. Throughout its rich history, HiWay Flowers has become synonymous with crafting beautiful floral arrangements and gifts that have etched their way into the hearts and memories of countless customers. The honor of being part of numerous celebrations and cherished moments is a privilege they treasure.

In 2016, a new chapter in HiWay Flowers story began when Mary Beth Kennedy assumed ownership. With her unique perspective and a modern approach to floral design, Mary Beth and her dedicated team have introduced the latest styles and techniques from renowned floral designers worldwide to the KW Region. HiWay Flowers continues to offer an extensive selection of fresh, stylish floral arrangements, eternal rose arrangements, designer faux floral creations, gift baskets, flower walls and event florals for weddings, showers, funerals, and more.

HiWay Flowers views its mission as more than simply delivering flowers; it’s about delivering emotions. The act of giving flowers has long been associated with triggering the release of dopamine, often referred to as the “pleasure hormone.” This scientific connection between flowers and happiness is no accident.

HiWay Flowers

Flowers are intertwined with positive emotions like joy, love, and happiness. It’s not just their fragrant aroma but also their visual beauty that uplifts our spirits. Sometimes, flowers have the power to express our feelings when words fall short.

At HiWay Flowers, passion for their craft radiates through every arrangement they create. They understand the profound impact of flowers on people’s emotions and aim to bring that joy to their customers. It’s not merely a transaction; it’s an experience designed to evoke smiles, warm hearts, and create lasting memories.

HiWay Flowers offers a limitless world of creativity through their floral designs. With an extensive color palette and an array of blooms to choose from, they consistently deliver fresh, stylish floral arrangements meticulously arranged and beautifully presented. Whether it’s a vibrant bouquet of mixed flowers, an elegant rose arrangement, or an intricate sympathy display, every piece is a work of art that reflects both the occasion and the personality of the giver and receiver.

In addition to their signature floral arrangements, HiWay Flowers also offers a variety of options to suit diverse preferences. Luxury eternal rose arrangements add a touch of timeless elegance to any setting. Designer faux floral arrangements provide a lasting beauty that requires no maintenance. Gift baskets offer a delightful assortment of treats, and event florals cater to special occasions, from weddings to memorials.

At HiWay Flowers, the commitment to personalization is unwavering. Whether you shop in person, online, or by phone, you can expect a tailored experience. Their exceptional floral designers are ready to craft a personalized handmade arrangement that aligns with your vision or the sentiments you wish to convey. Share your ideas and watch them come to life in a stunning display of creativity and craftsmanship.

HiWay Flowers, with its rich history and commitment to delivering not just flowers but emotions, stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature’s beauty. Mary Beth Kennedy’s vision has taken this beloved establishment to new heights, infusing modernity while maintaining the timeless charm that has made HiWay Flowers a cherished part of the community. As they continue to create memories for their customers, HiWay Flowers remains a symbol of happiness, love, and joy in the KW Region. Whether for personal enjoyment, heartfelt gifts or events, HiWay Flowers is the epitome of floral excellence and emotional connection in the community, and they can’t wait to elevate your next floral experience.

HiWay Flowers

18-1601 River Road East Kitchener, ON N2A 3Y4

Phone: (519) 893-1890

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