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Autism Dog Services focused on providing highly trained service dogs to assist individuals with autism and other related developmental disorders living in most parts of Southwestern Ontario.

Volunteer Appreciation Evening

The recognition evening we are having at St. James Anglican Church. In attendance will be all staff,  our puppy raisers (fosters), puppy sitters and fundraising committee members. We will also be having testimonials from families that have received their service dogs along with an update from border services on dogs that have had a career change.

Every 2 weeks we meet at St. James Anglican Church on Ellis Rd for our formal puppy training classes.

More about how their service dog has changed their child with autism along with the family as a whole:

“Bella works with our daughter Jaime who is on the autism spectrum. Our lives have changed since Bella has been with us. We are now able to go to many places that in the past were impossible to enter. Bella grounds Jaime by giving her a sense of security. Bella has given us, Jaime’s parents, a safety-net feeling where we know Jaime won’t bolt into traffic or run away. We all feel a sense of relief because of our autism service dog.”

Deb Lytle Jaime’s mom

“Lukey joining our family has been life changing for us. Not having to worry so much about Ryan’s safety while out in public is amazing. We are doing things we haven’t tried in years”

Kristen Ryan’s Mom

Autism Dog Services

Address: 102 North Park St. Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R 4K1

Phone Number: (519)722-2685

Executive Director Name: Vicky Spadoni



Phone: (519)722-2685

Autism Dog Services

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