Pamela Cluthe

Artist’s Statement

Why do I create art? Simply for the love of the process; for the love of the act of creating. Every moment that I spend creating a piece is a retreat for me. I find comfort, peace, and serenity inside my art bubble.

I draw my inspiration from nature, animals, in particular, are so naturally beautiful to me. Every piece has its own unique story and represents a portion of my life that I can recall, in great detail, simply by looking at the piece. When one sculpts the results are not quick. There is no instant gratification. It is a slow and patient process lovingly executed. I am truly and deeply disappointed when I finish a piece because the process is ….over. It is at this point that I start the next project!

From raw rock to polished perfection. Each unique piece reveals its own distinctive structure. Through the artist’s process, the soul of the stone emerges to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture. As I stated before, each one represents a portion of my life (good and bad). They contain a piece of me, my soul, as it bonds with the soul of the stone. Every piece has a story. Go ahead, ask me, I don’t mind sharing.

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